Operational and Process Safety

Power failures and grid disturbances cause plant failures and thus also high on cost (reactivation of the plants, mechanical breakdown, production and data losses)

Die Energiewende kann nur mit intelligenten Speichermedien gelingen.

Use the IRIS Energystorage- System for emergency power and UPS!

  • Low maintenance
  • Rapid switching time (<10ms)
  • High electric capacity retrievable
  • Scalable capacity
  • Asymmetric load capability at UPS or off-grid
Rapid switch-over time < 10ms
Die Energiewende kann nur mit intelligenten Speichermedien gelingen.

Expansion of the Connected Load

When the available power at any location is not sufficient to meet the increasing requirements, the expansion of the power connection is very cost-intensive.

Teuer, langwierig, unflexibel? ODER IRIS Multiuse

Use IRIS to expand your connected load and take advantages from all the MULTIUSE applications!

  • Fast and uncomplicated installation
  • More possible applications (IRIS MULTIUSE)
  • Energy capacity and performance extendable


The turnkey solution

The IRIS Energy Storage System is designed with Lithium-NMC and features economy, performance, flexibility, durability and a compact size. The system is especially engineered for industrial and commercial purposes.


  • Low in maintenance
  • Fast switchover time (<10ms)
  • Capacity expandable
  • Great performance quickly retrievable
  • Increased profitability
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Independence from weather
  • Payment for the supply of control energy
  • Stabilization of the grid
  • Storage as a car charging station
  • No loss in efficency by DC charging
  • Cost savings in infrastructure

Reduction of Energy Costs

Use your existing generation power plants (PV plant, cogeneration unit, …) in combination with an IRIS Energy storage system to increase their profitability and your independence! The IRIS energy storage is ideal for reducing your energy costs. Further to consuming renewables, it also offers the possibility of peak load reduction and reactive power compensation.

Einsparung von Energiekosten

With an IRIS energy storage you save money – consume your own electricity or

use your storage system for the reduction of peak loads or reactive power compensation.

  • Improving the economicity of existing generation plants
  • Redcution of energy costs
  • Independence of weather and climate conditions

Turnkey system

Combination of usecases

Integrated inverter

Low in maintenance

No risk of explosion


High profitability

Lithium NMC

High flexibility

Scalable in 30 kWh units

Parallel application possibilitys


Turnkey system

Combination of usecases

Integrated inverter

Low in maintenance

No risk of explosion

High profitability

Lithium iron PObattery cells

High flexibility

Scalable in 33,6 kWh units

Parallel application possibilitys

Off Grid Solution

With an energy storage the potential of regenerative electricity generation can be exploited much better. Also conventional power plants (e.g. diesel generators) can be used in combination with the energy storage system.


Use the IRIS energy storage as an off-grid solution and become self-sufficient

  • Fast and uncomplicated installation
  • Other possible applications (IRIS MULTIUSE)
  • Energy capacity and performance extendable
  • Independence of weather and climate conditions


  • Economical due to MULTIUSE
  • Extremely powerful system
  • Compact size
  • Long lifetime
  • Modular turnkey system
  • Remote maintenance
  • High system efficiency

Control Energy

In a power supply system the generation and consumption of electrical energy must always be balanced. Deviations have to be compensated by the use of balancing energy in order to avoid any risk to the stability of the system. An IRIS energy storage system offers the possibility to participate in the control energy market with some of your total capacity, you stabilize the electricity grid and receive compensation for it.


Take advantage of participating in the energy market!

  • Compensation for provision
  • Stabilization of the public grid


Each IRIS energy storage system consists of at least one storage unit (= batteries, BMU, controller) and
A power unit (= inverter). Due to the modular design it can be configurated to the respective requirements of the customer.


IRIS Energy only uses lithium-iron phosphate
(LiFePO4)) cells,
which have a high energy density and provide the highest level of safety:

No danger of explosion in the case of short circuit!

The LiFePO4-cells can be recycled and contain none heavy metals.

The battery cells as well as the monitoring unit are manufactured by the company Sony and are perfectly adjusted to the inverter.


The LiFePOtechnology transforms the entire oxygen together with the phosphate into a covalent bond and creates a stable (PO4)3-polyaniline. An extremely stable chemical substance with very high and stable crystalline structure.


The IRIS energy storage system provides an integrated inverter which was developed in cooperation with the experts from the Technical University in Nuremberg, especially for the energy storage application.

Three performance classes (S, M, L) are available:


Innovative LED information system


An IRIS Energy storage system can also be used as a charging station for electric cars.

AC and DC charging can be realized.


Use the IRIS energy storage as an off-grid solution and become self-sufficient.

  • IRIS energy storage system for e-mobility
  • No costs for expansion of the power grid
  • Eletrical losses can be minimized due to direct DC-charging

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